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There are many ways to save on your kids Birthday Parties. You can have a Moon Bounce or Bounce house combo delivered to your home in Manassas, VA for less then the cost of going to Sky-Zone or Chucky-Cheese. All it takes for a Manassas Bounce house party is for you to call Bruno’s Bounce House. We offer all day rentals so you don’t have to limit the time of your birthday party. Our Family owned company have been delivering fun to Birthday parties in Manassas for over 6 years with hundreds of happy customers.ALWAYS inquire with your bounce house rental company into any package rates for certain conditions. Many places offer lower rates for renting more than one bounce house, or for larger groups. If you are throwing a birthday party that involves members of a church or non-profit organization, you may be eligible for special pricing. Make sure your bounce house rental and yourself are on the same page when it comes to any required deposits and cancellation policies. We don’t take deposites just require a signed rental agreement.  We cheerfully return a deposit should the party be canceled ahead of time due to weather conditions in Manassas, VA. However, if it starts to rain during the party and the bounce house needs to be deflated, that deposit may not be returnable. Also remember, rates vary markedly between geographical locations, so be sure conduct your research thoroughly.

Benefits of Manassas Bounce House Rentals

Choosing to rent an inflatable Bounce House offers many different benefits that you simply can not pass up. Rather than owning your own moon bounce play area or bounce house that requires you to set it up, deflate it and pack it away when done using, renting an inflatable Bounce House means absolutely no work on your end. A professional team member will head to your location, set up and clean up the water slide after your rental period has ended.

This great rental option can also save you money on party planning when many different party facilities and planned activities can cost a fortune. An affordable, easy and fun-filled inflatable Moon Bounce rental is sure to amuse both children and adults for nearly any occasion that you can think of. Sit back, relax and watch as your inflatable Bounce House is set up right before your eyes!

Wet Bounce House rental birthday parties are a fantastic blast! What better way to celebrate a child’s birthday than by letting them and their friends bounce around on an inflatable bounce house rental? All it takes to throw a wet and wild bounce house party is some festive decorations, a few delicious child-friendly concessions and an inflatable bounce house. If your Manassas Bounce house party will require water let us know.

Concessions can be as simple as a few blue cotton candy or as cool as flavored snow cones, red, orange and yellow syrups. For snacks, go for quick foods like sloppy joes sliders or cute finger sandwiches. Older children might enjoy a fruity bowl of punch while juice boxes may be better suited for smaller children or even popcorn. Inflatable bounce house rental can easily be rented for your backyard or park event.

Bounce House Rental

Bounce House Rental

For parties with more than 12 kids, we recommend the 5 in 1 combo. This unit is 15×21 and has many activities inside the bounce house. Rent fee of this bounce house rental will be around $265. Check picture number 3 or click 5 in 1 to go to the page.

99% of our bounce house rental customers like to ask for at least one concession. We offer Cotton Candy & Popcorn with supplies for 20 servings for free. We clean up and sanitize the machines every week and try the machine every time we load the truck with it, so we make sure everything is working to avoid any problems. Our drivers are very polite and easy going, as soon as they receive your payment, they will set up your equipment at the indicated location and provide you with some information for your kids safety or how to make the concession work. Besides the bounce house rental, for your comfort, you can also reserve an attendant to serve and make cotton candy or popcorn for you, so you can have more time with the kids at the coral springs party.

Please make sure your kids are safe while playing in Moon Bounce, it is very important that you inspect the area before letting the Bounce House Rental company set up the bounce house. Please make sure there are no holes, sharp objects, uneven or sloping surfaces which could endanger those who use the bounce house. Keep everyone away from the back side where air tubes, blowers and power cord will be. If your party is going to be at a park or in a open field, make sure the bounce house rental team pin the bounce house. Gusting wind or very strong continuous wind may cause the bounce house to overturn, so watch the weather carefully.


Bounce House Rental

Bounce House Rental

Keep in mind, the more elaborate a bounce house obstacle course gets, the more apt it is to come in multiple pieces or units. Although Bruno’s Bounce House professionals are usually responsible for the set up and break down of the apparatus for your party, remember that the extra labor goes into its cost. Plus, know that as the evolving bounce house rental industry grows, the more likely an obstacle course is to be composed overall of delicate pieces, requiring expert skill and knowledge of the craft as well as the strict safety protocol with which each unit need be constructed.Our deliveries are usually on Saturdays and Sunday, but that doesn’t mean we cannot delivery on week days, so just call us and tell us how can we assist you better for your event or bounce house party. Our bounce house rental are for all day, not by the hour, so you can have more fun and enjoy your day with you kid.

If you want more information about our party services click here or give us a call at 703-594-1587.

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