How to select a right bounce house for your party

In the 7 years being in the bounce house rental business, we have had an opportunity to speak with many of our customers and one of the questions being asked many times is how to choose the best bounce house for your party. Each party is unique, therefore there is no “standard” answer. However, following these rules of thumb will help you to select your preferred vendor and inflatable(s) that would match your needs.Select the Right Bounce House for Your Party


Credibility and reliability of the inflatable rental company

You really want to deal with inflatable rental companies that are in the business for a long time. The best way to confirm this is to ask for some references. In addition, asking about business incorporation, insurance, safety certification and local accreditation will give you a clue to how serious the company is about doing business. There are a lot of companies that operate for a few years and don’t carry any insurance and there equipment is not inspected by the county.Addison and Elle enjoying a Bounce house in Manassas, VA


Variety of the inflatable selection

You don’t want your party to be like everybody else, chose your inflatable wisely to make your party unique. If you have a specific theme for your party, you will find that the inflatable selection is very important. Different types of parties, including: birthday parties, corporate events, post-prom, school year-end parties, etc, require different types of inflatables. To accommodate the needs of different user groups and variety themes, Bruno’s Bounce House offers a large selection inflatables, including bounce houses, toddler units, combo units, inflatable pubs, slides and interactive. To offer a variety of bounce houses, every year we add to our bounce house inventory.


Conditions of the inflatables

First, it goes without saying that safety is the #1 priority. Although the life of an inflatable really depends on usage and maintenance, the inflatables tends to weaken over a period of time. Please ask the rental company how often the company replaces its inflatables and what they added recently. Only commercially graded inflatables will provide acceptable safety. Second, the inflatables maintenance and cleaning should play a very important role in the decision making process. To address health and environmental concerns, Bruno’s Bounce House cleans our bounce houses before every use.


Reasonable price

In the end you will find yourself comparing prices from different companies. Please remember that the majority of legit inflatable companies set similar prices. If somebody’s price is way below or above the average ask yourself why. Too cheap means that the company is “cutting” expenses at any cost, which could compromise safety- no regular maintenance or legality – insurance and taxes are not being paid. On the other side, if the price is too high, it is more likely the company is trying to make a quick profit. We offer backyard inflatables of all sizes, designs and colors with the most competitive prices on the market. In the end, we hope you will choose Bruno’s Bounce House. If not we would still like you to have a happy and safe bounce house party. For more information on Bruno’s bounce house click here.

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