Arched Castle

In the world of inflatable games, nothing is more recognizable than an inflatable arched castle. They are the staples of any inflatables rental business. The Arched Castle is a premium version of the many varieties that exist under just as many names. Participants can bounce, jump, hop, skip and run around to their heart's content. This product is made of top-quality industry vinyl and is assembled to ensure durability over the years. It is traditionally designed in a yellow, red and blue.     The Arched Castle is all-enclosed with safety nets and inflatable walls. This bounce house is spaciously designed at 15'x15' in size and can safely accommodate many riders. 

 Bounce houses are fun and suitable for any occasion. The Arched Castle is a great way to encourage healthful physical activity and provide for hours of entertainment. Be sure to satisfy guests with an Arched Castle at your next event.

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Arched Castle

Arched Castle

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Circuits needed: 1
Item Dimensions: 15'x15'x14'
Space Needed: 15'x15'x14'